Property Fraud
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Property Fraud

Who are we?

Amid challenging economic conditions and with personal injury reform on the horizon, our insurer clients are seeing an increase in fraudulent property claims whether that be in household or commercial property insurance.

Our dedicated Property Fraud team supports our clients by identifying and defending fraudulent claims. Our clients draw upon our experience of providing fraud advice for a range of clients from major insurers to Lloyds Syndicates, Retailers and Corporates across a wide breadth of sectors. The size and scale of our client base provides us with the data to keep you informed and ensure you stay one step ahead in fraudulent claims – an area where behaviours and tactics continually evolve and change.

We passionately believe that property fraud cases should be handled by counter-fraud experts and our specialist team of lawyers deals with first and third party fraud ranging from large commercial claims to low value household claims. The team works closely with our Intelligence team and external investigators to provide cost effective, balanced advice which recognises your TCF obligations.

We have a track record of success in dealing with pre-litigation claims, litigated cases and complaints to the Financial Services Ombudsman.

We have particular expertise in the following fields:

  • Commercial or buy-to-let properties, including unoccupied properties and loss of rent and business interruption claims
  • Construction and allied trades, including engineering and plant
  • Cannabis farms
  • High net worth individuals and jewellery/ valuables claims
  • High frequency household claims such as paint spillages, escape of water claims, and repeat thefts
  • Loss of/damage to/stolen mobile phones, laptops, Apple products and other high-value electronic equipment.
  • Handling large outsources of household claims on behalf of our clients
  • Referrals to IFED and regional police forces
  • Liaison with industry bodies such as the Insurance Fraud Bureau

How can we help you?

In today’s world the simple provision of legal advice and claims handling services is not enough - we believe that working with our clients in an intelligence-led partnership is the best route to success. Today’s clients require a legal supplier that they can partner with in order to ensure that they are best equipped to fight evolving and dynamic fraud threats.

We assist you in developing bespoke strategies, reviewing and setting policies and helping you to set the property fraud agenda through the use and development of sanctions and targeted operations against fraud enablers, including loss assessors and supply chain. Investing time and expertise in our partnership is what our clients say is a key element in differentiating us from the competition.

In working in partnership with you we are able to offer support in the following areas:

  • Fraud invocation screening and advice
  • Strategy review and refresh – work with us to strategically target enablers
  • Provision of advice clinics and surgeries
  • Data analysis – we can look at your fraud claims data to determine trends
  • KYOTO - profiling and understanding the behaviours of enablers such as Loss Assessors.
  • Innovations lab – work with us in our innovations space to develop new ideas for tackling property fraud
  • Surveillance policies and processes
  • Fraud Identification through datawashing and fraud indicators.

We have a number of key relationships with law enforcement agencies and industry bodies to ensure that we are consistently involved in the wider industry efforts to tackle the problem of fraud.

This involvement provides us with a stream of constantly updated information and insight on the greater issues faced by the counter fraud industry as a whole, allowing us to make better informed decisions when advising our clients.

Mark Gallagher is a member of the IFB working group on property fraud enablers and attends the IFB’s quarterly property fraud forums.

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