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ESG in Health and Social Care

Published 31 mayo 2023

Environmental, Social and Governance (”ESG”) considerations flow through almost every decision and activity undertaken across the health and social care landscape and in many ways, everything about health and social care provision is ESG orientated. There is fundamental social value in all health and social care delivery and it is a sector steeped in governance and regulation.

The opportunities created through focussing on ESG are broad and demonstrate how wider political, commercial and social interest in ESG creates and supports an impetus for change, collaboration and new ways to measure success. As a sector, health and social care can, and does, lead in understanding and valuing ESG considerations.

Against this backdrop, we have curated an ESG Collection, which highlights the opportunities within the health and social care sector. At DACB we are proud to support our clients in their drive for continuous improvement and better outcomes for the people they serve. We understand the impact that ESG considerations can have and the power it yields in building towards the health and social care system that we all need - now and for the future.

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