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Steven Keenan

Steven has over 10 years’ experience advising and acting for clients across a wide range of insurance based claims and is dual qualified (England & Wales & Northern Ireland).

Steven specialises in the defence of motor injury and casualty injury claims with a particular focus on fraudulent claims. Steven is regularly instructed by major insurers to represent their interests in cases involving low speed impacts, phantom passenger claims, exaggerated claims and stage accidents. Steven has also acted for packaged holiday providers and tour operators in the defence of bogus travel claims.

Supported by the intel and technologies of the wider DACB fraud team, Steven identifies trends and develops strategies tailored to opponents and local judicial approach. Steven has achieved significant success in defeating fraudulent based motor injury and casualty injury claims within the province. He works with his Dublin colleagues and adopts a “oneteam” approach to detecting and defeating cross border claims.

Steven has built and maintained strong relationships, particularly with SIU/CIU claims handlers in a number of major insurers and is trusted to provide training with a particular focus on fraudulent claims on a regular basis.  

Relevant recent experience includes:

  • Acting for a major insurer in the Defence of a personal injury and damage claim. The policyholder was alleged to have fitted a defective tyre to the Claimant’s vehicle, which had suffered a blowout. Specialised engineering expert was swiftly ascertained to confirm the claim was opportunistic as the tyre was not defective and was simply in poor condition. The case was subsequently dismissed.
  • Acting for a major insurer in the Defence of a low speed impact that took place in a car park. The Claimant reported he had sustained significant injuries and was unable to play sport. Steven quickly ascertained that the Claimant had played football three days post-accident and had not missed a competitive match in 6 months. This Claimant’s case was dismissed by the Judge with an order for costs against the Claimant.
  • Acting for a major insurer in the defence of 2 related personal injury claims, where indemnity had been withdrawn from their policyholder due to concerns regarding a staged accident. The plethora of evidence including social media links was presented to the Court and the District Judge dismissed both actions. The three further claims that had not yet been litigated subsequently did not proceed, which afforded further fraud savings for the insurer.



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