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Ricky Parmar

Ricky is a Chartered Legal Executive Advocate in our specialist advocacy service, 8 DAC Beachcroft Buildings (8DB).

Ricky has over 5 years of civil litigation experience and specialises in personal injury litigation, motor claims (with a focus on credit hire), property and costs. Ricky has acted for both claimants and defendants and in respect of the latter, has taken instructions from many reputable insurers including AA, Aviva, LV, Markerstudy, NFUM and RSA.

Ricky’s personal injury practice predominantly covers RTAs, EL/PL claims, occupier’s liability and catastrophic/complex injury. Ricky routinely appears in both the County Court and High Court and acts in both fast track and multi-track matters. Ricky’s practice in this area has seen him conduct interlocutory hearings and trials spanning from basic whiplash matters to amputation and brain damage cases pleaded at up to £25 million.

Ricky’s costs practice has grown significantly in recent years alongside his personal injury and credit hire practices. He has particular experience of dealing with issues relating to fixed costs regime, QOCS provisions, wasted costs applications and cost budgeting. He is adept at making submissions both in respect of principle costs orders and the quantification of costs. Given his other core practice areas, Ricky is confident in his ability to navigate the fixed costs regime and cost consequences under Part 36.

Ricky also accepts a wide range of advisory and drafting instructions and is happy to provide training to both internal and external clients. Ricky has established a reputation as being approachable and pragmatic with clients commenting on his down to earth attitude.

Notable cases:

  • R v T (2019): Ricky acted on behalf of the defendant at a CCMC in an amputation case valued at up to £4 million where the claimant’s leg was crushed between the insured’s vehicle and a wall. Case and costs management comprised several interim applications and included no less than 14 experts on behalf of the claimant and 9 for the defendant.
  • P v A & A Ltd (2019): Ricky drafted contribution proceedings on behalf of the defendant against a third party contractor after settlement had been reached between the claimant and defendant. Such contribution proceedings resulted in the third party indemnifying the defendant in full.
  • S v BT (2020): Ricky successfully opposed the claimant’s application to rely on reports from a Rheumatologist and Psychiatrist despite those reports having already been obtained in a chronic pain case. Ricky was also successful in keeping the matter on the fast track despite the claimed value of £60,000. 
  • S v WMAS NHS (2020): Ricky, acting on behalf of the defendant, successfully dismissed the claimant’s claim at trial based on causation grounds. The claimant had suffered minor whiplash injuries with a psychological component but Ricky was able to draw out several inconsistencies with the claimant’s evidence which resulted in dismissal of the claim. 

Professional membership:

  • Chartered Institute of Legal Executives
  • The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn

Ricky is regulated by CILEx Regulation and holds a current practising certificate. If you are not satisfied with the service provided, please contact CILEx Regulation.  



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