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Jeremy Bennett

Jeremy is a defendant personal injury Partner in our Leeds office handling motor, employer’s and public liability cases.  In recent years he has specialised in large loss cases and has experience in cases involving amputation, brain injury and alleged brain injury.

Jeremy heads the national LTPS team at DAC Beachcroft which deals primarily with employers liability and public liability claims for NHS Resolution.  In addition Jeremy heads up a team in Leeds dealing with casualty injury fast track, multi-track and large loss cases.

Jeremy is responsible for the implementation of Project Operational Excellence within the team – challenging and changing behaviours regarding work and improving our skills, tools, etc. to make sure we continue to do the best we can for our clients.

Jeremy is also involved in internal audits, and provides training and support both internally within DACB and externally to clients.

Recent Case Highlights:

B v A

B, an off duty soldier, was a passenger in a motor vehicle hit in the rear. Liability was admitted.  B suffered neck pain leading him to retire from the Army.  B was able to obtain work as a handyman but claimed for continuing loss of earnings and pension at over £1m.  Our investigations revealed a business set up by B, the existence of which was never disclosed.  We therefore applied to the Court for disclosure and also served an amended Defence alleging FD.  Shortly before trial, B agreed to discontinue his claim on the basis that B admitted, in open correspondence, his Fundamental Dishonesty.

R v AB

R, a middle age man, suffered a below knee amputation in an accident at work. Liability was admitted.  Jeremy liaised with all parties putting appropriate rehab in place, including an enhanced prosthetic prescription, which led to R returning to work within 12 months of the accident and early settlement of the case, for 1.5million, and a significant saving in costs.

B v V

B alleged that due to defects in the resurfacing of a road, making it dangerous, he came off his motorbike and as a result of which his arm was amputated below the elbow.  Evidence was obtained to indicate B was speeding when the accident occurred; his witness evidence stated otherwise.  We obtained robust witness evidence as to the state of the road and our inspection regime and ultimately B discontinued his claim.  

W v RF

W volunteered to clean out the gutters on a building. Having completed the job, there was still some debris in the gutter because W could not reach it.  Later that day W took it upon himself to return to the area.  He climbed onto the roof, which he had been expressly told not to do, and when climbing back down, lost his footing and fell to the ground, sustaining fatal injuries.  The claim was dismissed at trial.  W appealed.  Jeremy dealt with the appeal which was also dismissed, and RF was awarded costs.

J v H

J suffered alleged chronic pain in an accident at work.  Liability was admitted.  J put forward a claim for several million pounds on the basis she was unable to return to work and had significant care needs.  Jeremy defended the claim on quantum on the basis that J’s ongoing pain was related to pre-existing issues and not the accident.  The case went to trial and J was awarded £750.00 and, having failed to beat a Part 36 offer made, J was unable to recover a large proportion of costs.



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