Clive Brett - DAC Beachcroft

Clive Brett's Expertise


Clive Brett

Clive has over 25 years of experience of advising clients across a range of sectors including solicitors, surveyors, accountants, financial advisers, auctioneers and many others.  

Clive aims to combine a rigorous legal analysis  alongside a collaborative and approachable stance both towards  his own clients but also to counterparties where the same is likely to give rise to a favourable resolution.

Relevant experience includes advising:

  • A major educational institution in respect of a number of serious reputational issues arising from various sources. Clive was required to adopt a flexible approach to a variety of different problems and to respond swiftly to the needs of his client.
  • A firm of solicitors facing claims of professional negligence arising out of failed litigation spanning a large number of years.
  • A not for profit company in a claim against it for alleged wrongdoing which was dismissed at trial with indemnity costs

Clive has appeared in the Legal Directories where he has been praised both for his collaborative approach to the resolution of claims but also his willingness to mount an aggressive defence on his client’s behalf.