DAC Beachcroft partners with the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance

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DAC Beachcroft partners with the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance

Published 11 noviembre 2022

International law firm DAC Beachcroft is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance.

The new partnership will see the two organisations working collaboratively on Ethical Employment in the hospitality sector. As part of DACB’s ESG strategy, the firm’s lawyers will provide pro bono legal advice to support the Alliance’s new Net Positive Hospitality strategy, which includes a Taskforce on People.

Lois Duguid, DAC Beachcroft’s Head of Responsible Business, said, ‘‘I am delighted that DACB is partnering with the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance to promote ethical employment practices. It is a privilege to contribute the unique expertise of our lawyers for far-reaching impact on the lives of the many people employed in the global hospitality industry. This is a great addition to our growing ESG offering.”

Glenn Mandziuk, Sustainable Hospitality Alliance’s CEO, commented, “We are extremely grateful to DACB for offering its time and expertise to the Alliance to support our aim of advancing responsible hospitality. People are such a vital asset to the hospitality industry and we all need to ensure that our workforces and local communities are being respected and well treated. The changing regulation landscape can be difficult to navigate – especially globally – so we value the expertise of DACB to support the industry to comply and better protect our societies as a result.”

The Alliance brings the hospitality industry together to address key challenges affecting the planet and its people, and uses collective power to deliver impact locally and on a global scale.

For more information on DACB’s ESG strategy please visit the firm’s dedicated microsite: https://esg.dacbeachcroft.com/

For further information about the work of the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, please visit: www.sustainablehospitalityalliance.org.

Photo (from left to right): Glenn Mandziuk – Chief Executive Officer at the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, Virginia Clegg – Senior Partner at DACB, Anne-Marie Gregory – senior associate and a member of DACB’s Pro Bono Committee, Lois Duguid – Head of Responsible Business at DACB, and Wolfgang Neumann - Chairman of the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, at the announcement of the partnership.