DAC Beachcroft launches dedicated team to drive forward change and innovation within the firm

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DAC Beachcroft launches dedicated team to drive forward change and innovation within the firm

Published 11 junio 2019

International law firm DAC Beachcroft has established a dedicated team of specialist project managers who will be responsible for corralling, managing and delivering business improvement and change across the business. 

By launching the team, the firm aims to bring creative ideas to fruition, evaluate and prioritise investment, and embed robust protocols around project creation and delivery in all parts of the business – all with a view to driving forward change and innovation for the benefit of the business and its clients. 

Dubbed the Business Improvement and Change team, or “BIC”, the team is tasked with joining up the dots around the business, ensuring that projects within the firm are not developed in silos but are instead delivered with a multi-disciplinary approach.  BIC will help DAC Beachcroft balance risk and resource across the firm’s entire change portfolio and enable it to maximise the benefits of each business improvement it introduces. 

“Ultimately, this is about how we can deliver our strategy more effectively,” said Andrew Keith, DAC Beachcroft’s Chief Operations Officer.  “There are lots of sparks going off around the business and BIC is a way of bringing them together to create a fire.  This new team is charged with harvesting all these great ideas, looking at each one and its potential applications, evaluating them in terms of how they are aligned with our strategy, and then recommending which ones the firm takes forward.  How do we actually achieve what we want to achieve?  Is there a tech element to be considered?  Is it scalable?  Can it be applied to other parts of the business?  If so, let’s get some budget behind it and make it truly worthwhile for the whole business – and our clients.”   

BIC is already scoping out projects focused on service delivery improvement, the use of data to add value in client relationships and improve client service delivery, delivering a new intranet for the firm, and possible people and technological solutions to ensure the most efficient resourcing of cases and work for clients.  In addition to scoping out projects, the BIC team will also be on hand to ensure that those change initiatives that are implemented are delivered consistently and to the highest standard.

David Pollitt, DAC Beachcroft’s Managing Partner, said, “We already have some fantastic projects and initiatives underway, and we want to ensure that we are collaborating, mapping and replicating successes across the firm. 

“The BIC team won’t just be delivering change, but will act as a hub for innovative thinking in legal service delivery, ensuring that we remain competitive and ahead of others in the market.  This is a conscious effort to deliver the changes we need to make across the firm to deliver on our strategy, which is based on operational excellence, service delivery, profitability and growth, as well as business improvement and change.”

DAC Beachcroft’s BIC will be overseen by the firm’s Executive Board, which is led by David Pollitt.  The team is comprised of operational excellence and business change experts and project management specialists who will also draw on resource and expertise from different parts of the business, including fee-earning teams, business services, and DAC Beachcroft’s Innovations Lab and Innovation and Knowhow Group. 

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