Our Purpose Awards Celebrate Colleague Achievements

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Our Purpose Awards Celebrate Colleague Achievements

Published 14 diciembre 2018

At the "Our Future World" DAC Beachcroft Partners Conference in Madrid, David Pollitt - Managing Partner and Virginia Clegg -  Senior Partner presented the Managing Partner and Senior Partner Our Purpose Awards. Colleagues received their Awards at a presentation in front of a 300 strong audience; and members of the LLP Group Board hosted a celebratory lunch.

These Awards, now in their second year, celebrate the significant achievements and the outstanding dedication of our colleagues in supporting our many clients, our local communities and their team members.

Virginia Clegg, Senior Partner, commented, "Thank you to all those received an Award during 2018. Every award illustrates how we are achieving "Our Purpose: helping our Colleagues and Clients to Succeed and bringing our values to life."



Winner - Yvonne Brook; for her tireless dedication to the firm; as our Quality Manager and Information Security Manager

Highly Commended - Jack Kennedy: for the IBAT reports he produces for a wide range of clients – an outstanding example of added value



Winner -  Diana Dumea: for her tremendous support of the Commercial Litigation team in Dublin and her commitment to Well Being

Highly Commended - Marisol Lana: for the generosity she shows to her colleagues in Madrid , her determination to do the best for her clients and collaboratively develop creative solutions



Joint Winner - "Bridge The Gap " team: Skye Fenton-Wells, Tess Harris, Stacy Pringle, Suzanne Sanderson

A formidable team which runs Bristol's involvement in this initiative which helps homeless people get their lives back on track

Joint Winner - Julia Maxwell: for her long term involvement with the Breakfast Club at Bridgewater School in Newcastle, helping us create a strong link with the local community