Models of Care
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Models of Care

The NHS Five Year Forward View sets out a number of new models of care, many of which relate to new models of providing care, rather than the way that care is commissioned. Since its publication, a number of Vanguard sites have been selected by NHS England to take forward specified new models of care and explore the issues. In addition, a number of other sites are also developing their own new models of care without the central support that is available from being part of the Vanguard framework.

We have summarised these new models of care in the list in the left hand column, alongside collaborative commissioning arrangements, and a consideration of the implications of devolution on new models of care.

Integration Spectrum

There are varying degrees to which organisations can integrate, all of which come with their own unique commercial, strategic and legal requirements. To illustrate this further, DAC Beachcroft has created the Integration Spectrum, which you can view in more detail below: