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Meet Our Trainer

Natalie Randall

Technical Intelligence Analyst

T. +44 (0)121 698 5393

Natalie has experience of law enforcement analysis, and the production of quality products in accordance with the National Intelligence Model. She has provided analytical assistance to a range of crime investigations, from organised vehicle theft to murder, as well as fraud and money laundering operations. She has also worked at a local policing level, identifying and developing emerging patterns, trends and potential threats.

She is highly competent in the detailed analysis of telecoms data, CCTV analysis, telematics data and mapping techniques, and has taken the lead in relation to technical data analysis. Natalie is also our "operations lead" and works with other team members to ensure complex fraud operations are developed and managed efficiently and effectively.

Natalie was involved in the setting up of the DAC Beachcroft Claims Ltd Training School, and now works to develop and deliver new and existing intelligence training modules, both internally and externally.

She has a sound understanding of the evidential process and has experience of presenting her findings in Crown Court trials. Natalie has been commended for her analytical work in relation to large scale conspiracy cases.

Employment History

  • Natalie joined DAC Beachcroft (now DAC Beachcroft Claims Ltd) in March 2012 as an Intelligence Analyst. She was promoted to her current role of Technical Intelligence Analyst in January 2014;
  • Natalie previously worked as a Crime and Intelligence Analyst at Lincolnshire Police, working predominantly within the Force Intelligence Bureau (FIB). She also provided support to a number of dedicated specialist units, including Major Crime, Serious and Organised Crime, Economic Crime, Public Protection and Professional Standards.


  • Natalie was awarded a Crown Court Judge's Commendation for her analytical support to Operation MORAL. This was a multi-regional investigation into an Organised Crime Group, who conspired to steal in excess of £1m from ATM's using stolen JCB's, 4x4's and other plant machinery;
  • Natalie received a Head of Crime's Certificate of Commendation for her analytical work on Operation GOLDFLAKE. This operation investigated the large scale theft and exportation of tractor and plant machinery, totalling in excess of £500,000.

Professional Bodies/Associations

  • Natalie is a member of the Association of Crime and Intelligence Analysts.

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