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Scotland Fraud

The Counter Fraud Team has over 10 years of history in working with the market share of clients in fighting fraud. It is one of the largest dedicated fraud teams in the UK comprising of over 100 lawyers and underpinned by an intelligence team of 30. The team are based in Birmingham, Newcastle Glasgow and Edinburgh.

In 2013 a strategic objective was to set up a Scotland Counter Fraud Team as a result of clients being immensely frustrated in the lack of appetite to fight fraud in Scotland. Counter Fraud Scotland now works with around 25 clients with the formation of the team being driven by intelligence and market trends analysis where it was evident that there had been a divergence by fraudsters into the Scottish market.

What we do

In Counter Fraud Scotland we have strategies and systems ready to use to tackle fraudulent claims and which can be adapted for use by all clients, even those with limited fraud knowledge. We deal with fraudulent claims of all types – from low speed impact motor claims to "pothole" claims and from multi-vehicle staged accidents to alleged accidents at work.

What we are known for

We are known for our willingness to investigate every claim where our clients have concerns. We are innovative in the investigations which we carry out in order to validate the claim or otherwise and we are supported in these investigations by a dedicated intelligence analyst for Scotland. If we believe we can validate the claim then we tell our clients as soon as possible in order to minimise expenses. Where we believe the claim to be fraudulent we will advise on whether to repudiate the claim or take the case to proof. We are known for our robust approach which can be tempered with a commercial awareness if that fits with the client philosophy.

We are now the go-to firm in Scotland handling counter fraud claims and are working not only on the handling side of claims but also in a collaborative and strategic way in linking in with regulators and professional bodies. For example, we were the first law firm of its kind to host two Legal Forums which brought not only Insurers but also the Police together, which has now enabled us to talk to the Law Society of Scotland.

Detailed elements of our services

  • Low speed impact
  • Phantom passenger claims
  • Staged accidents
  • Semi staged accidents
  • Employers liability claims
  • Public liability claims
  • Ringed fraud

What our clients say

Claire Newcombe, Partner - Finalist - Solicitor of the Year at the Law Awards of Scotland in 2015

Counter Fraud Scotland – Finalist - Litigation Firm of the Year at the Law Awards of Scoltand 2014.

Jenna Katz, Associate - Nominated - Up and Coming Solicitor of the Year Law Awards of Scotland 2014

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