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We have a variety of clients ranging from large corporates to general insurers. Each has their own specific requirements, but we understand that for the majority key requirements are:

  • Low indemnity spend and short cycle times;
  • An appreciation of brand and reputation;
  • Risk Management initiatives;
  • Ability to identify and handle fraudulent/exaggerated claims;
  • A detailed understanding of the Clients business.

We take a partnership approach to claims handling and offer a tailored service that adds value to clients.

What we do

Our experienced teams are supported by processes and systems that are designed to drive the claims to the right conclusion.

We operate a triage system to ensure that each claim is allocated to the most suitable handler in terms of experience and capacity.

We provide prompt investigations, robust and fair claims handling and clear advice to ensure we remain in control of claims until their conclusion.

Our claims handlers are fully supervised and should a matter become litigated there will be a seamless transition to our specialist litigation team.

Key Features:

  • Bespoke SLA's and tailored KPI's;
  • Fully integrated and bespoke MI platform integrated with our Claims Management System;
  • Full visibility of our claims via Beacon, our web-based interface;
  • Dedicated fee earner and partner contacts;
  • Insightful management information;
  • Trend Analysis/Claimant behaviour projects;
  • Access to our fraud detection and defence by our specialist Claims Validation Team.

What we are known for

We offer innovative and pragmatic solutions to liability claim disputes. Our systemised work flows allow us to handle large volumes of claims swiftly and accurately at cost effective rates. We invest time in developing our systems and people to ensure a high quality service is always provided to our clients.

We pride ourselves in dealing with clients in a business-like manner, ensuring that financial and commercial practices are adopted and commercial solutions sought at all times.

Detailed elements of our services

  • Distress and one-off client outsources
  • Full claims handling service
  • Desktop and on-site investigation
  • Fraud identification and triage
  • Large loss identification and triage
  • MOJ Portal claims and administration
  • Stage 3 Portal claims handling
  • FNOL capabilities
  • Costs negotiation
  • Cross border capabilities
  • Claims involving international element
  • In-house litigation management
  • Know your opponent strategy
  • Claimant behaviour tracking

Our experience

PL tripping claim

Claimant tripped over laminated flooring. We represented the first defendant and denied liability on basis that we did not remove the flooring that had been subcontracted out. Photographs of the defect produced at trial showed there was not a foreseeable risk of injury being sustained. Claim dismissed. Claimant ordered to pay first and second defendant costs. Our costs were £6,600.

EL chronic pain claim

The Claimant sustained a crush injury to his hand. Liability was not in dispute. Upon receipt of medical evidence it became clear that case was potentially a large loss matter as Type 1 Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome was diagnosed. Reserve was increased to £175,676.09, but an early offer saw the matter settle for £50,000 damages and £16,000 costs.

Exaggerated claim

It became clear that the claimant was exaggerating his symptoms. The claimant's solicitor attempted to inflate costs by seeking our agreement to unnecessary medical procedures and medical reports, all of which we successfully resisted. The claimant was attempting to recover £40,000, but the matter settled at £5,000.

Quantum dispute

Dispute over claimant's earning potential. The claimant claimed £131,331.08, but damages were settled at £75,000.

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