Contract Keeper
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Contract Keeper

Contract automation and management made simple.

Our clients tell us they struggle to manage their contracts effectively. They don’t use standard contracts or store contracts centrally, and fail to track and monitor them. No one knows when to increase prices, vary, terminate or extend agreements or even impose penalties on suppliers for poor performance. They waste time and effort and leak value.

At the most basic level this leads to contracts that do not protect your interests, time wasted looking for contracts and a lack of awareness of the rights and obligations that you have.

Beyond this, having no way to actively track contract information can lead to:

  • significant losses if break dates are missed
  • opportunities to reduce or increase prices being overlooked
  • profitable contracts coming to an end because contract extensions are not exercised

As much as your role as a GC is changing, so technology is advancing and new and better ways of doing things are emerging.

DAC Beachcroft has launched Contract Keeper: a contract management service, which you can use to create standard contracts and store all new and existing contacts on one central system; helping you to manage risk, reduce cost and create value for your business.

Contract Keeper is a unique piece of management software which enables you to:

  • create contracts using your tailored templates
  • view material contracts carrying most risk
  • find key dates on termination, break clauses, extensions, variations and renewals
  • measure spending patterns under each contract, and
  • analyse trends on how much risk you are taking on

to help you maximise your company’s knowledge and resources.

To find out more, read our brochure, watch the film below, or request a demonstration or walk-through of Contract Keeper by contacting Nathan Butcher or Jonathan White.


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