Household Recoveries
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Household Recoveries

Who are we?

Subrogated recoveries are crucial to the success any business, reducing indemnity spend and providing cash flow during challenging economic conditions.

We have the capability to deal with large volumes (including any outsource projects you may have or spikes in instructions) as we can effectively manage scale, and we also have the breadth of experience of working with a large range clients.

Our streamlined processes, bespoke case management and effective use of technology means that we have excellent success rates and a proven track record.

The damage and subsequent repair of your customer’s property is a stressful and costly experience, and our team is able to assist in a sympathetic way. When the damage is caused by a third party and it is commercially viable to do so, recovery should be sought.

Claims experience and TCF are important business factors for you to retain and grow your customer base, we recognise this and routinely seek uninsured losses for your customers at no added cost.

How can we help you?

We recognised the importance of recoveries to our clients 20 years ago and created a dedicated recovery team which is now the largest in the UK, providing coverage across England, Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Our recoveries team comprises over 120 experienced handlers with a proven track record of providing proactive support to our clients and helping them to reduce their indemnity spend.

Our size has allowed us to specialise in recoveries and have client specific teams, allowing a true partnership, with common goals and financial rigour.

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“Going the extra mile”
We have won “going the extra mile” award for one household insurer three years in a row.

“Supplier of the Year 2018”
For a major household insurer.


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