Vehicle Hire & Damage Fraud
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Vehicle Hire & Damage Fraud

Who are we?

We were the first law firm to identify the issue of Vehicle Hire & Damage Fraud (as distinct from Vehicle Hire & Damage occurring within personal injury fraud claims) and are still the only law firm to have a, truly, dedicated, Vehicle Hire & Damage Fraud team in the market.

We established early that the best outcomes were achieved by positioning our vehicle hire & damage fraud lawyers within our vehicle hire & damage team as they need a unique skill set to ensure that, while suspicious claims are under investigation, vehicle hire & damage claims are limited and do not unnecessarily escalate.

In order to ensure that there is a complete joined up approach with our claims validation intelligence team, our dedicated vehicle hire & damage intelligence analysts and researchers sit in the same physical environment as the claims validation analysts.

How can we help you?

The benefits are that we are able to:

  • Identify individuals to look out for in commercial organisations involved in fraud
  • Identify adverse practices adopted by CHOs and Claimant solicitors enabling us to advise on appropriate strategies in dealing with vehicle hire & damage cases
  • Provide you with up to date information on Courts and judicial decisions being made in relation to vehicle hire & damage fraud
  • Identify your credit hire fraud exposure/detection compared to the industry, specifically whether you are being targeted by particular strategies
  • Use our wider links with key organisations such as IFB, IFED and Police to provide an integrated and effective service
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“DAC Beachcroft were the first legal firm to identify the issue of Credit Hire Fraud and do something about it. Their knowledge is second to none and the relationship we have developed with them is fantastic. I particularly like they are only at the end of a phone and are always more than willing to help.”

“DAC Beachcroft are one of the few lawyers who treat Vehicle Hire & Damage Fraud as a technical area in its own right. The support is strong and the intelligence provision is extremely beneficial, complementing our internal capability. DAC Beachcroft are active in the industry and employ some of the leading experts on this field. In short, a good experience.“

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Our Lawyers - Helen Mason

Helen Mason

Partner - Head of Vehicle Hire & Damage Birmingham

Helen Mason is head of Vehicle Hire and Damage Fraud


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