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Data Analytics

Who are we?

Our Data Analytics Team underpin our entire Claims Solutions Group Business from our volume motor, casualty and property lines, to our specialist products such as strategic litigation, fraud and Cat PI. Our talented Data Analysts will work in conjunction with your teams, to collaborate on data analytics projects. We have focused on recruiting data specialists with statistical skills to work alongside you, when undertaking benchmarking projects. When combined with our analysis, commentary and presentation, we can look at complex problems and challenges around processes, strategies and performance. We will provide you with clear data analysis and practical solutions.

Our expansive and diverse market share of clients, combined with our extensive data collection programme, provides DAC Beachcroft with a unique data repository. This granular and detailed data set is complemented by our advanced suite of data mining and analysis software.

How can we help you?

Our team of highly skilled Data Analysts and Statisticians are focused on providing specialist proactive analysis of our and your data, to deliver insight and commentary, adding value and direction to support decision making at all levels of operation. The Data Analytics Team offer a range of services:

High quality MI reporting and consultancy; advising on the latest thinking around MI collection, collation and delivery.
Proactive Data Analysis of your data; projects have included Pre-litigation data analysis and benchmarking and cost-budget analysis.

Benchmarking of performance data against the market and performance across your various sites of operation.
Predictive Modelling – our Dynamic Fraud Indicators and Cost Budget modelling tools have been developed in-house, to provide bespoke solutions for our clients.

Know Your Opponent Benchmarking – using Qlik to derive insight into how specific firms are targeting your company and comparing this to their behaviour across the market.

Our specialist Management Information and Data Analytics Teams have developed detailed central data capture systems, which are refined and continually improved. The granular and expansive data picture we capture allows us to deliver sophisticated MI trend analysis and benchmarking. Through the application of Qlik technology, we are able to create compelling dashboards and insightful reporting to support and inform you.

Innovation has been central to our Data Strategy throughout. Further investment in AI, machine learning and Robotic Process Automation is delivering smarter systems and processes and we are able to maximise the power of our data through these new technologies.

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