Selling to an Employee Ownership Trust

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Selling to an Employee Ownership Trust

Published 31 marzo 2023

Selling to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) has amazing benefits beyond the tax free nature of the sale.  Every time we run through this with clients, they always ask why are the benefits not more widely known?  Our head of Tax and EOT practice John Dunlop has written an article on this for the Practical Law Magazine. John’s article examines the lifecycle of an EOT, focusing on the early stages of its inception as it is at this stage where advice can be most valuable. It is important to make sure that the EOT is on the mental shopping list of owner-managed businesses when they are considering staff motivation, succession or cash extraction especially those in what John coins the so-called "sweet spot". 

This article first appeared in the April 2023 issue of PLC Magazine and the full article can be read here.

The Solicitor’s Journal was also keen to have a similar article here is a link to the Solicitors Journal piece.


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