Automated Driving Systems: Consumer ratings and informed choices

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Automated Driving Systems: Consumer ratings and informed choices

Published 15 septiembre 2021

It has been announced that a project, funded by the Government’s Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, will bring together safety-testing expertise from across the UK to create a consumer safety rating for Automated Driving Systems (ADS). The first ratings will focus on Automated Lane Keeping Systems (ALKS) technology which, it is suggested, may see motorists driving hands-free at limited speeds on UK motorways in the near future.

Zenzic will coordinate the project which will be led by Thatcham Research and will bring together experts through Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) Testbed UK. 

The project aims to create a basis upon which consumer safety ratings can be set for future ADS which, it is anticipated, will subsequently be adopted by consumer safety organisations such as Euro NCAP.

The rating scheme is intended to be the first in the world to combine virtual and physical testing, independently rate the performance of ADS and support their safe adoption by UK motorists and insurers.

Jonathan Hewett, Chief Executive of Thatcham Research, said:

“The advent of Automated Driving promises to bring a host of benefits spanning safety, mobility and the environment. To realise this potential, we are developing an independent consumer safety rating scheme to foster confidence in the technology and its ability to control the vehicle.

Not all Automated Driving Systems will be made equal. Therefore, an independent consumer safety rating will drive best practice, while helping consumers to make informed choices and trust that it is safe to relinquish control.”

March 2022 is the date by which the project aims to deliver a proof of concept.

This announcement means that the government is not likely to place any ALKS equipped vehicles on the automated vehicle list until next year at the earliest.

DACB welcomes this announcement. We believe that the safety of ADS must be prioritised before they are brought to market. The formation of a consumer rating system should address many of the concerns we have expressed, especially in relation to ALKS. Our response to the call for evidence can be found here.

Connected and Autonomous Vehicle technology, despite continued advances and development, remains an area where consumer confidence is critical to widespread adoption. The introduction of independent ratings can only assist the process of mainstreaming the technology and helping the public embrace it.


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