Companies Registration Office Annual Report 2020 published

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Companies Registration Office Annual Report 2020 published

Published 19 julio 2021

The Irish Companies Registration Office (“CRO”) has recently published its 2020 annual report (available here).

The report acknowledges that the COVID-19 pandemic led to 2020 being an “extremely challenging” period for the CRO and its stakeholders and resulted in a temporary reduction in the CRO’s services, a suspension of enforcement activity and the introduction of filing deadline extensions in respect of annual returns.

The report notes the culmination of the CRO’s three year digital transformation project which involved the launch of its new online platform in December 2020.

The report also outlines key company law developments including the Companies (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Covid-19) Act 2020 (which we considered in previous updates) and the introduction of the single step 56 day period for filing annual returns which replaced the old two step procedure.

Some of the key 2020 CRO statistics from the report are compared against the equivalent 2019 statistics in the table below. The reductions seen in some areas run counter to trends in recent years and are likely attributable to the drop off in activity arising from, and the measures adopted by the CRO in response to, the COVID-19 pandemic.

  2019 2020 % +/-
Companies on register 232,949   251,275 +8%
Incorporations 22,723   21,873 -4%
Re-Registrations 400 355 -11%
Liquidations registered 2,150 1,889 -12%
Number on register of disqualified persons 3,406 3,328  -2%
Number on register of restricted persons 726 615 -15%
Involuntary strike-offs 5,068  1,266 -75%
Voluntary strike offs 6,025  5,479 -9%
Restorations 498  232  -53%
Submissions filed 505,067  431,520 -15%
Annual returns received 224,266  194,515  -13%
Charges filed 12,406   8,856 -29%

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