Soundbites on Legal Change and Risk in 2020

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Soundbites on Legal Change and Risk in 2020

Published 15 septiembre 2020

DAC Beachcroft has launched a series of sound bite videos from our leading experts on developments in the law as part of our GC Collective. In this series we seek to advise on practical steps you can take, rather than taking a black letter law approach. 

These short videos are an excellent introduction to a number of areas of law that our clients have been asking questions about over the past few months, from Sanctions and Deferred Prosecution Award updates to Furlough Fraud and key employment issues.

Over the coming weeks we will be releasing more videos which we hope you find helpful and we invite you to reach out to our experts if you want any further information. 

New Sanctions Regime - with Anne-Marie Gregory, Senior Associate. 

Financial Crimes Issues - with Christopher Dyke, Partner.

 A Review of DPAs - with Christopher Dyke, Partner.

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