Webinar: Re-imagining the High Street

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Webinar: Re-imagining the High Street

Published 15 diciembre 2020

Our town centres are undergoing a period of radical change.

This webinar looks at how structural changes in the retail sector, combined with the impacts of Coronavirus, are transforming the urban environment. The panel explores some of the opportunities available to stakeholders looking to re-invigorate commercial property and town centres including:

  • Challenges and innovations impacting high street repurposing (including modelling technology, sensors and data and modern methods of construction).
  • Opportunities that come with high street decline (including the net zero carbon agenda, health and wellbeing, active travel and the re-allocation of public space).
  • How planning policy and new development are factoring in flexibility for the future, experimenting with new ways to use space and creating genuinely mixed use centres which can adapt as circumstances change.
  • How the demands of the pandemic are driving creativity and innovation in local businesses and promoting a greater sense of community investment and social value.
  • The unique role local authorities can play in shaping a local areas, including building new leisure and cultural hubs and creating walkable communities.



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Liz Donnelly


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