Ukraine - Ukrainian authority publishes 2016 annual report

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Ukraine - Ukrainian authority publishes 2016 annual report

Published 22 junio 2017

On 6 April 2017 the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights presented her annual report to the Ukraine Parliament outlining key data protection actions undertaken by her office in 2016. The report sets out the most notable data protection infringements and provides guidance on compliance with Ukrainian data protection law. It also provides statistics on the number of complaints from data subjects, and this year 1306 complaints were reviewed which in turn led to 76 data controllers being investigated. Many of these data controllers were insurance companies.

The report also highlighted that many of the data processing reports from organisations were incomplete and that the main violation was failing to notify the Commissioner when sensitive personal data was being processed.

To the extent that organisations handle personal data in Ukraine, they should review compliance with data protection law, particularly those in the financial services and insurance sectors given the Commissioner's apparent focus on insurance companies.

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