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DJEI update – online filing of applications

Published 22 septiembre 2016

In order to work in Ireland, non-EEA nationals require work permission from the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation ("DJEI") in the form of an employment permit.  This month the DJEI has opened a new online platform for the filing of employment permit application forms. 

The previous position

Previously, applicants were required to file paper employment permit applications with the DJEI which was a cause of some delay due to the additional time required for postal applications.

The new system:

A new online filing system has been opened up by the DJEI to facilitate faster processing of applications for employment permits. The DJEI has confirmed that it expects the new system will allow for:

  • Faster turnaround of applications;
  • Easier, online submission of supporting documentation;
  • Secure Online Fee Payments;
  • Fewer errors and rejected applications;
  • Intuitive user experience.

While the regulatory and statutory requirements for applications have not changed it is envisaged that the net benefit for users will be a more streamlined service once the appropriate application has been correctly filed. This should allow our team at DAC Beachcroft to ensure that, after advising both you and your employee as to the most suitable permit type and the requirements for it, your application will be processed as quickly as possible.

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