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Brexit: Time to take stock

Published 10 agosto 2016

If you spent the first week or so just trying to figure out what Brexit might mean, and following the UK political rollercoaster. It's now time we all took stock. It's time to focus on what preparations we may have to make, and start looking for the opportunities and competitive advantages Brexit might bring.

Our focus is going to be to support you with:

  • Key insights on Brexit, working with Lord Hunt and others close to the negotiations;
  • A broad overview of the legal and regulatory issues impacting the insurance sector, from its impact on claims to protecting your access to the single market; and
  • Practical tools to manage your Brexit strategy.

Our first document is a Brexit Checklist.  We have canvassed opinion from across our firm on what the insurance sector needs to be looking at now. We will keep this document updated on our website, and will email you an update if anything major changes.

You can subscribe to our Brexit Collection by clicking here.


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