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A Guide to Strategic Estates Partnerships

Published 15 abril 2016

With the NHS facing a huge financial savings challenge of £22 billion by 2020/21, the sector has welcomed Lord Carter's recent review of hospital productivity.

The report details how savings of up to £5 billion can be achieved through 15 recommendations designed to tackle efficiency savings and help Trusts improve their performance. We understand the importance of getting better value from existing contracts, identifying areas for cost savings and, where possible, facilitating income generation.

We can help you

By providing advice tailored to your organisation, our experts can help deliver large savings in a short space of time. We have advised a number of Trusts on cost savings in all areas, including estates and facilities. Our proven track record of delivery is underpinned by our commitment to our client's needs and our commercially minded, technical lawyers.

Significant cost savings can be achieved through these practical solutions, which are often delivered quickly with immediate benefit to your organisation. One recent development is the introduction of the notion of a Strategic Estates Partnerships ("SEPs") with a private sector third party.


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