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Understanding the barriers to innovation

Published 2 noviembre 2015

Two-thirds of NHS leaders believe there is not sufficient local leadership capacity to deliver the new models of care within the NHS Five Year Forward View, with the need to focus on collaborative working and system leadership, according to DAC Beachcroft LLP's 'Understanding the Barriers to Innovation' thought leadership report.

In the DAC Beachcroft report, which has been produced in association with NHS Providers, we discuss the following four key challenges:

Local leadership capacity will be central to delivering new care models

In light of the stated intention of the NHS Five Year Forward View that health and social care organisations should be working more closely together, it is reassuring that 50% of respondents report that their local health economy already has a shared vision for the future.

However, a number of issues are highlighted as impeding leadership capacity.

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Leadership remains crucial to engage employees and develop our workforce

One of the most striking results of our survey of senior health leaders is that they consider leadership to be most important when it comes to resolving a variety of workforce issues. Considerations such as revised pay and conditions, or flexible working for staff, are considered significantly less important. When asked ‘what is the critical success factor necessary to engage the workforce in delivering the Five Year Forward View’, 60% cite “leadership”. 

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The NHS needs to invest in developing leadership capacity

It is evident from our survey that a need to invest in leadership capacity will be essential to deliver new care models.

Despite NHS organisations being expected to act more autonomously than ever before, many are either struggling to deal with a reduced level of guidance or, feel suffocated by the attentions of the regulators.

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Getting the culture right is fundamental to partnership success

Throughout the survey it is clear that in order to create real change around new models of care, organisations must work in partnership. But it appears that current policy incentives must be aligned to encourage organisations to do so. Currently, a continued emphasis on organisations being obliged to compete, through the tariff, within the system, continues to impede progress around working in partnership.

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