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Junior Doctor Strike Ballot: What you need to know

Published 2 noviembre 2015

As you know, NHS Employers made a new offer to junior doctors yesterday. The BMA described this offer as "fundamentally flawed". The BMA has made clear that it will continue with its ballot for strike action and action short of a strike which opens today. NHS employers face the risk of industrial action before the end of this year. This alerter sets out some key issues for NHS employers to address and how we will help you up to and including any industrial action.

What should NHS employers be doing?

NHS employers should:

  • Prepare: There are many elements to preparing for industrial action. NHS employers need to start those preparations now to be ready for any potential industrial action;
  • Engage: Whilst this dispute is obviously happening at a national level, that does not stop individual NHS employers from engaging with its own junior doctors, other staff and patients to ensure they deliver the best service they can during any potential industrial action;
  • Contingency plan: As NHS employers will know from the 2011 and 2012 disputes it is vital to plan for potential industrial action. Can non-emergency services still be provided? If so, which ones? When can any non-emergency activities be rescheduled?

What is DAC Beachcroft doing to help?

We have prepared a down to earth and practical step by step guide to managing any potential industrial action.

Please click here to register and receive a free copy of the guide.

In addition, we will be setting up a free helpline for phone calls up to 15 minutes for NHS employers with queries about this potential industrial action.


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