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Tip of the Week: Public Efficiency

Published 10 febrero 2015

Did you know that Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for non-domestic buildings can now be viewed online by searching using just a postcode? Are you content with this information about your buildings being publicly available?

If you have a high EPC ranking, allowing online access to this information might be commercially beneficial to you in demonstrating that you are taking your environmental responsibilities seriously.

However, there are certain commercial reasons why this might also present a problem, for instance:

  • Prospective buyers or tenants might try to use the energy performance rating of buildings as bargaining tools when buying/leasing properties;
  • The disclosure could also have a negative impact if you do not yet meet the requirements of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards Regulations (expected to come into force on 1 April 2018, please see our previous tip on this);

If you decide that you do not want this information to be publicly available, you may opt out of having the data from your certificates disclosed (except in the case of Display Energy Certificates). In deciding whether or not to opt out, you may want to consider any potential for adverse publicity if it comes to light that you have opted-out.

If you decide to opt-out, you can do so using the EPC Register Opt-Out service.

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