Sustainability - DAC Beachcroft


Sustainable Procurement

We are growing our sustainable business partnerships with suppliers. The coffee in our London headquarters is supplied by the award-winning coffee chain ‘Change Please’ which helps homeless people to get their lives back on track through employment as baristas and coffee roasters, professional therapy, and accommodation.

We buy our FSC-certified paper and other office supplies from award-winning office supplies company Commercial, which has the largest hydrogen-enabled van fleet in the UK. 38% of our office supplies from Commercial are supplied by hydrogen-powered delivery. 56% of our office supplies from Commercial are certified Green products, for example, the bamboo thermo-mugs given to all employees across the UK as part of our recent re-brand.

Environmental Sustainability

We are a member of the Legal Sustainability Alliance, and we have reduced our Carbon Footprint by 33% over the past 3 years through our occupancy of energy-efficient offices, and by implementing new policies, for example, on agile working.

Our most recent ESOS 2 (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) submission helped us to identify a number of areas where we can further reduce our environmental impact. We have identified energy-saving initiatives such as upgrading metering systems to provide more accurate data on energy usage, switching to LED lighting, and upgrading air-conditioning for improved energy efficiency. We have also recently taken action to procure renewable electricity through a specialist supplier across a substantial proportion of our locations.

We are also developing improved internal business behaviours, particularly on recycling. A number of our offices now have volunteer ‘Green Teams’, helping to spread the message to colleagues about improved recycling. In our London headquarters, all of our waste is sorted and separated in a recycling plant in the basement, and we are charged different rates according to the type of waste we generate; non-recycled, general waste is very much more expensive than recycled waste, so there is a real business incentive to improve recycling by employees.

Our Bristol office introduced initiatives such as removing single-use cardboard coffee cups, organising separate food-waste disposal, removing desk-side waste bins, running a car-share scheme, and encouraging staff to cycle to work through the provision of showers and cycle storage facilities. The Bristol office won a TravelWest Business Award in 2017 for Green travel habits.