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We advise across a diverse range of disputes, from domestic to multi-million pound international, working on outsourcing, supply chain, privacy and harassment, licensing, fraud and IT disputes.

We support our clients at every range of the process, understanding that there is a fine balance to be achieved between ensuring a robust commercial resolution and safeguarding the use of taxpayers' money.

We like to be involved at the outset of problems, to help identify what needs to be resolved. We help craft strategies which safeguard policy and commercial interests and deliver cost-effective solutions.

We make extensive use of mediation as a flexible, confidential and cost-effective way of resolving disputes.

We have extensive experience of adjudication and arbitration, and advise on a case-by-case basis on the merits of one option over the over.

Where necessary we will guide you through litigation. We regularly appear in the Commercial Court, the Technology and Construction Court, the Intellectual Property and Enterprise Court, as well as the Queen's Bench Division and Chancery.

We have a specialist Claims Solutions Group which handles volume to value litigation and has a class-leading expertise in protecting reputation and brand, defending personal injury and property claims; additionally large loss exposure, counter-fraud, HSE and volume claims management.


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