The role of GCs
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The role of GCs

As boards look to their GC for strategic, commercial advice, we believe that reputation, growth and technology are constant priority issues. We have some insights from industry experts and our specialist partners that we would like to share, in support of the decisions you have to make.


Going beyond the transaction itself, GCs are increasingly involved in the initial decision and cultural impact of the deal. What’s the best source of capital and the regulatory impact? How can integration, frequently the reason for deal failure, be addressed at macro and micro levels? What’s the impact on employees? Find out more from Dr Edmund Cannon, Department of Economics, University of Bristol


Apocryphal stories of customer loss, reputational damage, leakage of valuable competitive advantage, – all resulting from mismanagement of information – are rarely out of the headlines. It’s a subject that requires inter-functional conversations – involving sales, marketing, HR and IT. Frequently it’s the GC who has to lead and facilitate these sometimes fragile relationships.


As GC your advice, support and knowledge on creating ethical cultures, best practice governance, tax strategies, brand protection and supply chains, is all part of the challenge of managing reputation. Find out more from Phillippa Foster Back, Director of the Institute of Business Ethics.

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