Organised Fraud
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Organised Fraud

Who are we?

DAC Beachcroft has one of the largest dedicated Counter Fraud teams in the UK. The team comprises of over 125 lawyers, and is underpinned by an Intelligence team of 30 specialist staff, handling over 5,000 cases a year. We aim to support our clients and their insureds in defending fraudulent claims.

Currently acting for the largest market share of clients, across a wide breadth of sectors, our size and scale provide us with the data needed to stay informed and ensure we’re one step ahead of the trends. Our experience and ability to focus on not just fraud, but also technical and procedural issues allow us to maximise the opportunities to defeat fraudulent claims.

How can we help you?

We believe organised fraud claims should be handled by a specialist team, with the right skills, training and experience to defend cases effectively. Our Organised Fraud team consists of over 20 dedicated legal advisors and intelligence analysts. Based in Birmingham, we are committed to developing bespoke Counter Fraud strategies which tackle large scale organised fraud for insurers in motor and casualty claims.

Our expertise lies within fraud suspected of being organised by individuals, key facilitators, or organised crime groups. Our team is particularly skilled in:

  • Policy Inception and claims fraud
  • Staged or induced accidents
  • Fraud perpetrated by key nominals and facilitators such as accident management companies or medical agencies and experts
  • Organised fraud involving multiple insurers and coordinating joint strategies and litigation tactics
  • Assisting insurers with referrals to industry bodies such as the Insurance Fraud Bureau as well as Police referrals
  • Use of evidence and technology in litigation including telematics and telephone data, as well as CCTV and video footage
  • Advising on committal and private prosecutions.

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“Our Organised Fraud Product is a key element of our Counter Fraud team and allows us to meet the demands of clients for capabilities in often complex and high profile organised fraud operations.”

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