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Who are we?

Know Your Opponent work is a feature of the work of every lawyer and every team across DAC Beachcroft Claims Solutions. Our lawyers are supported by our bespoke wiki technology solution – KYOTO and a team of Intelligence staff who manage the KYOTO project. KYOTO is sponsored through our Executive Board and led by Rhod Richards, Head of Business Development for DAC Beachcroft, ensuring that this critical technology and strategy is central to our suite of innovative solutions for our clients.

As KYOTO is a live system, the page are continually updated by our subject matter expert lawyers from across the business. Their insights into behaviours are complemented by our clients who also have access to KYOTO and are able to contribute their observations about opponent firms.

How can we help you?

To support our lawyers and the development of KYO information, the KYOTO project team is in place to ensure that KYOTO is regularly updated with additional supplementary information derived from intelligence and data analysis. The project team have experience in knowledge management, intelligence and data analysis, coming from legal, police intelligence and private sector data analytics backgrounds. As an Executive Board member, Rhod Richards provides strategic level direction to the KYOTO project. KYOTO is managed within our own teams by KYO managers who have all been trained in getting the best out of Know Your Opponent as a concept and KYOTO as a tool.

KYOTO is fundamentally a collaborative wiki-based tool. DAC Beachcroft has invested heavily in ensuring that KYOTO is embedded in all levels of the organisation. Wiki software, which KYOTO is based on, draws on a community of subject matter experts and stakeholders to ensure that up to date knowledge is captured and harnessed within the technology. Our contributors come from both our extensive workforce of lawyers, our specialist intelligence and data analytics teams and our clients who have been granted access at their desktops to this digital knowledge bank.

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