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Innovations Lab

Are you ready to Innovate?

The insurance industry is in a period of intense change; civil justice reform, rising claims cost and advancing technology all bring new opportunities and challenges to the insurance claims market. We identified the need for a vehicle to engender a cultural and strategic shift, enabling us to become leaders of innovation in our field. That’s why we created Innovations Lab – a claims research and development hub, where we collaborate with colleagues, clients and industry stakeholders to design, prototype and test new ideas for commercial products and services, and to develop future claims solutions.

Our scale, resources and connections mean we are ideally placed to help clients manage change. Acting for 18 of the top 20 UK insurers, we understand the industry and our clients’ priorities.

Example innovations include:

Digital Knowledge Digests
SMS Service
Customer Care

How can we help you?

Innovations Lab brings together our insight, knowledge, connections and experience to identify, test and develop new ideas. A dedicated team of ‘Innovation Agents’ consisting of lawyers, senior business service professionals, project managers, IT and risk experts collaborate with our people and clients to design, prototype and test new ideas and products which transform processes, services and products for the future claims environment. From small iterative innovations to large scale InsurTech and LawTech solutions, Innovations Lab is ready to challenge the status quo, and build new claims solutions fit for the 21st century that will help to drive efficiencies in claims handling, reduce indemnity spend and improve the customer claims experience.

Find out how Innovations Lab can help your business:

  • A dedicated resource to collaborate with you on product services development.
  • Work with us to shape customer focused solutions.
  • Deliver business know-how.
  • Establish new commercial and claims processes, systems, and business models that will drive change.
  • Promote knowledge sharing amongst industry peers and experts.

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