By Jonathan Deverill


Published 13 November 2023


The insurance broker consolidation market has been extremely active in recent years, and that trend seems set to continue for the time being. There have been a number of factors behind this, including:
  • Succession planning – founders wish to retire and the next generation may not wish to continue with the business in its current form, or at all.
  • Compliance – regulatory compliance can impose a significant burden on smaller firms, whereas consolidators can typically deal with this centrally through a dedicated team, freeing the owners to get back to doing what they enjoy most.
  • Available buyers – at the moment, there are willing buyers for smaller insurance brokers, but this may not always be the case.
  • Future tax regime changes – changes in future to UK tax law may make sales subject to less advantageous tax treatment for sellers.
  • Greater size and scale – obvious benefits and "economies of scale" in being part of a larger business with more infrastructure, support and opportunities for cross-selling.

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