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Public Administration

  • Representation of the insurance company in the management and defence of numerous liability policies of Autonomous Communities and Local Corporations (Municipalities of Madrid, Oviedo, Gijón, as well as the Board of Autonomous Communities of Galicia and the Board of Autonomous Communities of Castilla-La Mancha).

  • Representation of the client in the financial liability file and assistance in periodical joint commissions between the insured public administration and the insurance company for technical and legal advice. Advice on public procurement, both tendering and contesting invitations to tender, and the basis of tenders and awards.

  • More than 200 legal proceedings in defence of the Insured Public Administration and/or the insurance company in cases concerning damages and losses due to material damage, property damage and injuries resulting from the activity: rejection or revoking of licences for the construction of homes and commercial premises (shopping centres), regulated activities (pharmacy, hotel industry, mining, leisure, etc.), as well as damages due to the design of public works or an alleged lack of maintenance of infrastructure, bodily injuries as a result of the insured’s own activity.

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