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Life Insurance and accidents

  • Advice on drafting clauses and issuance of policies for individuals and companies.

  • Participation in committees to assess the validity of requests for access to the policy benefits. Admission / rejection criteria: Clarity in the wording of the health declaration / questionnaire, omission of the declaration of pre-existing pathologies and relevance, excluded risks, non-payment of premiums, advice on specific documentation that is requested to clarify doubts about pre-existence, etc.

  • Carrying out specific legal studies and adaptations to regulatory changes: omission of the declaration of pre-existing pathologies that would have led to the company not hiring but that are not related to the cause of death / disability; adaptation of HIV clauses, relevance of pre-existing pathologies which have been omitted in regards to others also relevant for the granting of disability, etc.

  • Negotiation and drafting of agreements on behalf of the insurance company.

  • Defense of a major insurance company in Spain in more than 200 procedures all over the country.

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Gustavo Blanco

Head of International Business Madrid

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Iñigo Cid-Luna Clares

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Julio Albi

Partner Madrid

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Marisol Lana

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