Wendy Brown - DAC Beachcroft
Wendy Brown

Wendy Brown joined the Health team in 2001 with extensive experience in handling high value personal injury claims, covering industrial disease, employers liability and professional indemnity matters.

She now specialises in complex clinical negligence claims including maximum value birth, brain and spinal injury claims and complex multiparty claims. She has a particular expertise in fatal accident claims.

In 2015 Wendy successfully defended at trial a multi-million pound claim for brain damage arising from an amniocentesis procedure performed in 1985.  The age of events presented challenges for evidence and the complex nature of brain damage suffered by the Claimant required input from six experts. Leading counsel described this as one of the most complex claims she had come across.

In 2015 Wendy also successfully achieved discontinuance of a high value claim for through hip amputation due to necrotising fasciitis. Shortly before trial the Claimant was persuaded to accept that he could not have avoided the procedure he had.  Trust clinicians were particularly pleased as they felt strongly that the Claimant had been lucky to survive.

She is a keen advocate and regularly lectures at medico-legal seminars and conferences. She has presented training to several Trusts in respect of obstetric claims, claims handling and risk. She also sits as a deputy district judge.



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