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Kiran is an Account Manager and Associate specialising in Casualty Fraud. She currently leads and manages a team of Employers and Public Liability fraud experts. Kiran and her team have expertise in dealing with local authorities, care homes, global corporate and SME clients.

She regularly assists insurers and their insureds to develop internal strategies around casualty fraud. She also keeps a focus on developing trends in the casualty arena, and has helped to devise strategies to deal with emerging issues as well as providing bespoke training and workshops to clients.   

Prior to joining DACBeachcroft, Kiran worked in house as Senior Solicitor for RSA Insurance Plc dealing with complex, higher value claims. Prior to that, Kiran worked in private practice defending clinical negligence claims for the NHSLA, including injuries of the utmost severity (brain damage) as well as providing representation for Health Authorities and Trusts at inquests.