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Kathy Farmer's Expertise


Kathy Farmer

Kathy Farmer leads the in-house team at international law firm DAC Beachcroft. The team have responsibility across the Group, including the international offices, for legal and regulatory compliance including conflict management, risk and internal audit, the global insurance portfolio and PI claims handling, knowledge management, business protection, data protection and information security, health & safety, client and supplier contracts and trademarks.

Kathy is the COLP and Money Laundering Reporting Officer for DAC Beachcroft's English and Welsh based entities.

She sits on the group's management Executives, strategic project boards and regularly meets with the LLP Group Board. She is also a director of a number of DAC Beachcroft's companies.

Prior to joining DAC Beachcroft in 2002 Kathy spent nearly 10 years working at the Solicitors Indemnity Fund and was a member of the Executive. As a result she has extensive experience in risk management.