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Daniel Miller

Daniel Miller

Technical Performance Manager


Daniel has worked for DAC Beachcroft for 5 years, coming from the Legal Department of a Finance Company. Daniel started in the Fast Track bodily Injury Team, defending property damage and personal injury claims for corporate and personal insured’s clients. 

Upon moving to the Credit Hire team in December 2010, he undertook Fast Track and Multi Track matters up to the value of £50,000.00 and took a key interest in blue light vehicle litigation and loss of profit litigation. 

Daniel is now a member of the Newport Credit Hire Management Team and the National Credit Hire Technical Management team. 

Daniel also continues to handle his own files; defending claims for large corporate, personal and public sector insured’s clients with values in excess of £100,000.00, complex points of law and group litigation. Daniel often is involved in credit hire strategic litigation with the Strategic Litigation Unit in London and has experience of Court of Appeal matters. 

Daniel often attends client meetings to provide advice and training to ensure they are aware of and are adapting all the latest tactics to secure ultimate savings and reduce leakage on credit hire and loss of profit claims.  

Together with the National Credit Hire Technical Managers, Daniel also assists with developing strategies against specific credit hire companies and designing work flows accordingly.