DAC Beachcroft crowdsources solutions for easyJet during firm-wide hackathon

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DAC Beachcroft crowdsources solutions for easyJet during firm-wide hackathon

Published 20 August 2021

International law firm DAC Beachcroft recently held a firm-wide hackathon, encouraging colleagues to formulate ideas and solutions in response to both client and business challenges posed, including a challenge specific to easyJet.  

easyJet, a client of the firm since 2020, asked DACB colleagues to collaborate to create new strategies that easyJet could deploy as they emerge from the pandemic to retain and build on their position in the market.  Over 24 hours, teams and individuals across DACB used the firm’s crowdsourcing platform, which has recently been rolled out to clients as DACB CO/LAB, to share their ideas.  The easyJet challenge attracted over 70 potential solutions which were then shared with the easyJet legal team. 

“We very much see ourselves as disruptors in our market,” said Helen Lowe, Head of Legal Operations at easyJet.  “When the opportunity to collaborate with DACB in such an innovative way came up, we leapt at the chance to be involved.  The hackathon approach was very well aligned with our core values, particularly those around collaboration, challenge, creativity and community, and it presented a chance to gain new insights from our advisers – many of whom are our own customers.” 

“Teaming up with easyJet to find a challenge that everyone could really sink their teeth into engaged our colleagues and encouraged new ways of thinking,” said Nathan Butcher, joint DACB client relationship partner for easyJet.  “We were blown away by the response we had during the hackathon from colleagues of all levels and are delighted that easyJet has taken many of our ideas under consideration.  We are now looking at how we can collaborate to tackle more challenges together using CO/LAB.” 

Launched earlier this year to clients, DACB CO/LAB is a web-based platform where challenges are posted for the ‘crowd’ – DACB’s internal team and its client’s team – to share ideas about how to address it.  The crowd casts votes, comments, and helps refine the ideas, harnessing its collective creativity to find solutions that can be taken forward. 

 Virginia Clegg, Senior Partner and joint DACB client relationship partner for easyJet, added, “We pride ourselves on helping our clients spot new opportunities and navigate change.  Tools like CO/LAB and others coming out of our Innovations Lab enable us to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients, often disrupting the legal market and leapfrogging our competitors.  We are very pleased that, together with easyJet, we have mutually benefitted from this approach.”