DAC Beachcroft-advised software deal leads to COVID-19 tracking app

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DAC Beachcroft-advised software deal leads to COVID-19 tracking app

Published 24 June 2020

International law firm DAC Beachcroft is pleased to note that a new COVID-19 symptom tracker app has been developed as a result of an agreement on which it advised between client and facilities management specialist Churchill Group and software developer PCCS Group.

Churchill Group, one of the largest independently-owned facilities management service providers in the UK, has worked with PCCS Group since 2018 when DAC Beachcroft started advising on the deal, and in that time has created Mo:dus, an online platform designed to simplify FM service delivery for Churchill’s clients.

As part of the Mo:dus platform, Churchill and PCCS have developed a COVID-19 symptom tracker app, which has been designed as a way to protect a work community by reducing the average number of people that one infected person can expect to pass the coronavirus onto, known as the R value.

The Mo:dus COVID-19 symptom tracker, which follows public health guidelines, enables data reporting via an organisational-friendly interface that has been specifically designed to help employers not only protect and reassure the workforce, but manage labour availability.

Prakash Kerai, partner in DAC Beachcroft’s Technology practice, said, “We know that tracking the transmission of COVID-19 is a vital part of how businesses will return to something approaching normal working practices. The development of the Mo:dus tracker is an example of what can be accomplished through innovative partnerships.”

More information about Churchill’s Mo:dus tracker can be found here.

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