DAC Beachcroft advises TicketCo in relation to innovative new streaming platform

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DAC Beachcroft advises TicketCo in relation to innovative new streaming platform

Published 2 July 2020

Lawyers from DAC Beachcroft’s Technology practice are advising TicketCo in relation to its new service, TicketCo TV – a pioneering pay-per-view live streaming and video on demand platform designed for the events industry.

The events industry has been heavily affected by the lockdown, with swathes of concerts and other shows being postponed or cancelled, and traditional business models under threat. This has resulted in an increased focus on innovation in the industry, with companies like TicketCo leading the charge to diversify and help firms monetise content.

DAC Beachcroft has been supporting TicketCo on a number of matters in conjunction with the recent launch of TicketCo TV in the UK, including on core contractual and regulatory issues. The team has also, in collaboration with TicketCo, delivered webinars to key players in the industry on the legal implications of live streaming and video on demand services.

Tim Ryan, Head of the DAC Beachcroft Technology team, said, "In the current circumstances, innovation is more important than ever, as businesses across all industries look to recover from the initial shock of the pandemic, and new and exciting opportunities present themselves. Our work with TicketCo highlights the cutting-edge work we have been doing during this time, in digital media, HealthTech, and beyond."

Joe Edwards of TicketCo said, "Our trio of webinars on the legal aspects to consider when selling online content were an important piece of the puzzle for our organisers and the wider industry. With such a significant shift in the way that people are consuming live entertainment, it is crucial that organisers are delivering this in a way that protects all parties involved, including the relevant collecting societies. It was a pleasure to work with Alistair and the team both on the industry-focussed webinars and on TicketCo-specific issues; their knowledge on the relevant topics is extensive, and the webinar delivery was thorough and informative. I want to thank them on behalf of TicketCo and its partners for helping us navigate through the launch of TicketCo TV."

Alistair Cooper manages digital media enquiries on behalf of DAC Beachcroft.