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Personal Injury, Travel and Leisure

  • Acting for a luxury hotel complex and its professional liability insurer in respect of two class action claims regarding damages suffered by 1,000 English tourists due to a Novo virus outbreak.

  • Advising and acting for hotels in legal proceedings in the England and Wales jurisdiction regarding claims for accidents resulting from “balconing” in Spain.

  • Issuing of Spanish law expert opinions for its ratification before English and Irish Courts.

  • Legal advice and defence in several claims instigated by severe injured.

  • Claims handling of the civil liability side in one of the major aviation catastrophes occurred in Spain.

  • Claims handling related to sport accidents (diving, surf, snorkeling, kitesurf, tennis, golf, etc.).

  • Advice for several first-class life insurance companies on: drafting clauses; attendance at valuation committees on claimed benefits to provide legal advice.

  • Representation and defence of the insurance company in court and Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings, mainly concerning: Compliance with the regulations of the procedure for informing the policyholder and signing the contract, duty to declare risk, sufficiency of the health questionnaire and inaccuracies in the declaration of risk, breaches of the pre-contractual duties of each party and legal consequences.

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Our Lawyers - Gustavo Blanco

Gustavo Blanco

Head of International Business Madrid

Gustavo Blanco is the Head of International Business for DAC Beachcroft…

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Partner Madrid

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Partner Madrid

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Pablo Guillén

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José María Pimentel

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Our Lawyers - Eduardo Asensi Pallarés

Eduardo Asensi Pallarés

Partner Madrid

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Our Lawyers - Iñigo Cid-Luna Clares

Iñigo Cid-Luna Clares

Partner Madrid

Iñigo specialises in Professional Civil Liability Insurance, with a focus…

Our Lawyers - Julio Albi

Julio Albi

Partner Madrid

Julio is a civil liability and insurance lawyer specialising in medical…

Our Lawyers - Marisol Lana

Marisol Lana

Lawyer Madrid

Marisol joined DAC Beachcroft in 2015 to join the Industrial Risk practice…