Urgent and Emergency Care Networks (UEC Networks)
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Urgent and Emergency Care Networks (UEC Networks)

An UEC Network will create a clear and co-ordinated system for a responsive seven-day service for urgent care. The Keogh review set out ambitions of helping people get the right advice and care in the right place, first time, and this is one of the key objectives for a UEC Network.

Currently, the urgent and emergency care provision is fragmented across many different providers, under different contractual frameworks and payment models. Part of the development of UEC Networks will be to create a new payment model and a set of key collective objectives for those providers in the UEC Network to collectively deliver upon.

Since the Keogh review, NHS England has requested every hospital to adopt the National Early Warning Score (NEWS), a tool to standardise the approach to clinical assessment across the country.  It is NHS England's goal to have this system in place across every acute and ambulance setting by 2019. This paired with the digital technology invested into ambulance trusts and the new laws implemented to allow advanced paramedics to prescribe drugs, reinforces NHS England's commitment to help improve urgent and emergency care.

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