Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs)
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Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs)

ACOs are often talked about as the future of the NHS, but there is clearly a range of opinion as to what accountable care means in practice.

We have examined various options for ACOs, including where the commissioner/provider split is removed. However, in its simplest form, an ACO is where one provider, or a network of providers is responsible (or accountable) for the provision (and procuring the provision) of services for a particular population. This idea is generally coupled with the ACO being paid a capitated budget for such services, in order that it operates within that financial envelope in discharging its responsibilities. As confirmed by the Government's consultation response in April 2018, the ACO will be a provider who enters into an "Integrated Service Provider (ISP) Contract" with relevant commissioning bodies.

Developing accountable care partnerships for North West London

We have worked jointly with FTI Consulting to help three specific localities within the North West London CCG collaboration further develop their own thinking on Accountable Care Partnerships and, we have jointly produced a report that tackles these issues.

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The new draft ISP Contract will be published following a further consultation.