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Lord Carter's review of hospital productivity suggests how savings of up to £5 billion can be achieved, by focusing on improving productivity in a number of areas in the NHS and consolidating. The NHS estate is referred to in that review, with a recommendation that all Trusts should have a strategic estates and facilities plan in place, and a plan for investment and reconfiguration where appropriate for their whole estate, taking into account future service requirements.

There are many different options open to organisations that are seeking to both consolidate back office support on estates and facilities, and also plan to optimise the usage of estate. This could involve a shared services arrangement between a number of Trusts, or could involve a much broader strategic estates partnership with a private sector partner.

Please see the below diagram for the various estates efficiency partnerships that can be adopted:

When Trusts are considering their estates strategies, it is vital that they also factor in emerging models for clinical service provision (such as nascent accountable care arrangements), as this may impact significantly upon how the estate will be used in the future.

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