Logistics and Industrial
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Logistics and Industrial

The spotlight is shining on Logistics and Industrial as we head towards a post COVID-19, post-Brexit environment. Rapid responses to opportunities are required as the sector reacts to new dynamics. Consumer behaviours have changed, to purchase more and more on-line, impacting on warehousing capacity and increasing automation based distribution. Supply chain management is evolving to put more emphasis on longer term, flexible storage linking in with expanding production facilities within the UK, reducing reliance on that which is provided from overseas. The need for data storage facilities continues to increase.

The services we provide

We provide occupiers, developers, investors and delivery businesses with planning, development, construction and asset management advice, focused on maximising the value of the investment and the use of the asset. We are active in every part of the chain from port to production, regional hubs to last mile facilities.

With technology lawyers as part of our team, our advice is founded on insights into the legal risks associated with the latest developments in technology; the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence for example. In addition, we are acknowledged as leading experts on legislation around autonomous vehicles, which will come to play a much larger part in the distribution process.

Our service is multi-disciplinary and beyond Real Estate, we also provide Employment, Information Law, Insurance, Health & Safety and Regulatory guidance.

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